2018 Testing Results

I have been mulling over how to approach the subject of our 2018 testing. I always planned to be open on the matter, however I have fought with myself about how to go about it. After much thought and discussion, and at the risk of losing future buyers, I have decided on public transparency, not transparency made on inquiry.

**This does NOT effect past buyers**

Here are our results!

We are proud to say our original stock is all CAE clear, and we will maintain those girls (Arcturus, Daisy, Dot, Gracie, Poplar, and Rose) as our foundation herd at this time.

In the fall of 2017, we were excited to aquire a small breeding herd of Mini Manchas. Their breeder contacted us a couple months after delivery to inform us the dam of all the does tested positive for CAE. Testing revealed one of the yearling doelings, Ruby, was positive, a complete surprise as she was young and had no symptoms. Upon learning this result, a few phone calls were made and, ultimately, Ruby was removed from the herd and harvested for meat. The other girls (Saffron, Winnie, Josephine, and Clementine) as well as the buck who is not maternally related (Jasper), though negative, will be shipped to the sales barn next weekend in an effort to keep our herd clean. While these girls may NEVER test CAE positive or become symptomatic, we have chosen to cull them.

We are confident this decision will have minimized exposure in the rest of the herd, as none of the mini manchas had freshened or were being milked, the primary vectors for CAE spreading. From research, its a fragile virus outside the body and we are not worried about having inadvertently contaminated our property or buildings.

While this decision will set us back financially as we likely will not break even, it has opened new doors for us and we are restructuring our mini program to become MDGA registerable. We hope to have our first registered La Manchas arriving this summer, and are on a couple waiting lists on the Nigerian front.

We hope prospective buyers will appreciate our transparency on this matter and do what it takes to make an educated decision about how they will handle the disease should they ever have a positive result. Remember: negative results only show an animal is negative the day the test is taken and CAE can sit dormant and undetected for years (and possibly a goats entire life). We spoke privately with several breeders who have encountered the disease and methods of disclosure ranged from none (cull and say nothing) to full transparency and everywhere in between. We are grateful to those who spoke candidly and privately with us to help us determine what was the right decision for us.

Please see our new Policies tab for more information on our culling practices going forward. They are modled after the Maedi-Visna program in Ontario for CAE. Feel free to contact us with any questions. If you are currently in contact concerning being interested in future breedings and no longer wish to be, please send us a note through facebook and we can remove you from any notification lists.

Heres to a healthy kidding season and some gorgeous, healthy (maybe female!) kids.

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