About us

Who We Are

Steadfast Farm is a small, 15 acre homestead seated quietly in the Saskatchewan prairies. Our unassuming little chunk of land teams with life, breeds hope, and brings freedom to our family. It is here, in this old house, we started our family, found a passion for farm life, raise our own meat, and grow many of our own vegetables. Every year we try new things, expand our food storage goals, make mistakes and learn to overcome. Welcome to our online homestead.

Our Values

We are built upon a set of core values. These values are what binds our family together. We strive to work with nature (not against it), building on integrity, honesty and respect for the things we grow and raise, and the people we connect with. Our end game is to raise quality animals, and delicious meat and produce as we believe access to high quality, affordable food is the right of everyone.

What We Do

At Steadfast farm, we have chosen to raise heritage animals and the majority of our produce is selected from heirloom varieties. Our primary focus is our registered Nigerian Dwarf breeding program. We focus on wide, elegant animals who produce rich, delicious milk without the accepted substantial inputs of grain. Our herd is built on personality, milkability and width on which to put well attached, capacious udders. While we love colour and flash, those attributes don’t milk!

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. My husband and I raise several different breeds of chickens and ducks, Oberhasli dairy goats, and honey bees. I look forward to reading your blog! I love finding others with common interests.

  2. Heard you had a blog , found you thru a mutual friend , will be looking in to hear your updates …….o , congrats 🙂 all the best


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