Country Magic Arcturus

DOB: January 4th, 2017
Cou Clair/Black with minor white overlay

Kidding History418

From the moment this man arrived on our farm in his fuzzy baby fur, we admired him for his strong legs. At the Prairie Goat Extravaganza in Moose Jaw, 2018, he impressed the judges in the All Breed buck show, placing ahead of Saanens in his ring as a 1.5 year old; he took second in class in 2 of 3 rings. As a 2.5 year old, his width and depth really stood out and included a beautiful wide face and that rear stance. Now, as a mature buck, he continues to impress us with good feet, willingness to breed, dairy character and gait. He is an excellent follow up on larger does to bring the size back down.

Originally breeding our unregistered herd, Archie put lots of improvement down on udders, fixing pockets, lifting rear attachment and adding length and levelness to top lines. We finally retained a registered doeling off him and wow, are we impressed! Her socked on udder is capacious and easy to milk and we look forward to retaining more off him.

Reference Animals:

Sire: WeedonHill Be Buster Bar
Photo Courtesy Chris Grab
Dam: Country Magic Miss Molly
2x Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf Goat at K-Days in Edmonton, 2018; Pictured at 6 years old
Photo Courtesy Chris Grab
Maternal Grandsire: Weedonhill Sammy
Photo Courtesy Chris Grab
Maternal Granddam: Country Magic
Snowdrop (pictured at 9 years)
Photo Courtesy Chris Grab
Maternal Great Grandsire: Weedonhill Be
Jiminy Kricket
Photo Courtesy Chris Grab

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