Wonderland GJ Skip-2-My-Lou

Date of Birth: April 3rd, 2018
Gold/Buckskin with white overlay and moonspots

Kidding History32

Lou is is finally coming into his own and surprising us with his width. Strong legs and good feet, we are looking for Lou to contribute to udder texture and capacity. His first kids were nice, though unregistered, with a sharp, long legged buckling and a long, level doeling (who I’ll regret selling!). We watch him mature anxiously as he seems to change every day! In the summer of 2019 he lost his gangly teenager stature and has really taken on a strong and masculine appearance.

2018 Reserve Junior Champion in 2 rings at the CGS sanctioned all breeds buck show in Moose Jaw, SK.


Reference Animals

Sire: Camanna OMF Gold Jackpot – Photo Courtesy Wonderland Nigerians

Paternal Great Grandsire: Old Mountain Farm Frankincense

Paternal Great Granddam: CH Camanna CT Jocelyn

Maternal Grandsire – Odds are D Mighty Midas – Photo Courtesy Wonderland Nigerians

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