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Does are listed in alphabetical order (not including herd name) and are categorized by their freshening status for the 2022 Spring kidding season (some animals will breed for Fall 2022). Please email with any questions or photo requests.

Mature Does
(3rd Freshening or Greater)

Lupin’s Hold The Light

Loved for her sharpness, dairy style body and personality!

Sweet Solstice Jazz

The widest of our does, she defines the elegant capacity we look for in the body.

Goatee-Goats Jet Black Beauty

Her thin, long neck and amazing udder texture are unrivaled in our herd.

For Sale, Available Spring 2022

Sweet Solstice Jew’ry

Another of our capacity does, her strong rear udder is the apple of our eye.

Lupin’s LL Lucille

Strong fore udder and insane birthing ease is capped with brilliant personality and will to milk.

Second Fresheners

Stargazer AR Tiny Dancer

Our first-to-freshen retained Stargazer doe; elegant and capacious with excellent teat length

Stargazer S2 Blu Aint UR Color

A buckskin version of Lumi, her elegant features have us excited for her first freshening.

Stargazer AR Delta Dawn

Off our best uddered and top producing doe.

Yearling First Fresheners

Stargazer S2 Jolene

Stargazer AR Pistol Annie 2021

Jazz x Archie Cou Clair Doeling 2021

2021 Doelings

Lumi x Lou Buckskin Doeling

Lumi x Lou Gold Doeling

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