Lupin’s Hold the Light

DOB: March 20th, 2018
Gold/Black with White overlay

Kidding History201912Triplets
YearRing 1Ring 2Ring 3
Show History20184th3rd3rd

Lumi is the light of our herd, living up to her name. Not only was she my first Lupin goat, she is what bonded my friendship with Thaney and I am ever grateful to both Lumi and Thaney for them in my life! This lovely gold goat is the most dairy-bodied doe in our herd, even her winter coat seems light, but she stays good and warm. Her elegant long neck but surprising body capacity are what make her a favourite in our herd, setting her brilliant personality aside of course. From her offspring, we are looking for a bit more width and a stronger medial, though we have no complaints about her milkability, as her udder texture is supple and she is easy to milk.

Reference Photos

Sire – Wonderland EB King – Photo Courtesy This’ll Dew Farm

Dam – Blackbird Creek Farms Benue – Photo Courtesy This’ll Dew Farm
Dam’s 3rd freshening udder, 12 hour hold @ 13 weeks – Photo Courtesy This’ll Dew Farm

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