Lupin’s LL Lucille

DOB: March 11th, 2019

Kidding History202011Twins

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Show History

Another of my Lupin line. Lucille is a petite doe with surprising capacity and kidding ease. An accidental breeding when young had her kidding at barely a year and she did it all on her own; she was not milked through her first freshening and did not raise her kids as she was confused and uncertain. Her second freshening in 2021 had her delivering a large buckling bum first without any assistance and she is the most incredible, doting and attentive mom. She has, hands down, the longest fore-udder in my herd and hides a lot of milk in there. We are looking for teat length improvement and a bit of size in her offspring. Paternal sister to Lupin’s Hold The Light.

Reference Photos

Sire – Wonderland EB King – Photo Courtesy This’ll Dew Farm

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