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Pastured Meat

There are lots of confusing and deceptive lables on food these days. Free-range, cage-free, gestation crate-free, Omega enhanced, flax fed, vegetarian fed etc. etc. Commercially, these ‘sound great’ but often times are technicalities. Buying locally means knowing your farmer and even the animals. We have chosen one word for our meat and eggs: Pastured. Here, pastured means just that. Our animals are raised on pasture, with access to fresh grass and/or hay, bugs, dirt, sun, and fresh water. This keeps the pressure down on the land, reduces parasite load, regenerates the pasture, tills the soil and fosters happiness and low stress levels in the animals we raise. Never hesitate to ask us questions about how we raise our animals; you can even see for yourself through our blog and YouTube channel!

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One of our dual purpose White Chantecler hens

Pastured Poultry
Our chicken and turkeys are raised out on pasture and grass. They are moved once or twice a day as needed onto fresh forage, able to eat bugs and greens, bask in the sun, seek shade from the heat of the day and protection from the rain, all while protected from predators within a mobile tractor.

Currently Available:

  • Pre-order Chicken – $3 deposit per bird. $3.25/lb butcher weight. You can give us an approximate weight range and we will get as close as we can!
  • Pre-order Turkey – $7 deposit per bird. $3.25/lb butcher weight. Same as the chickens, you can give us a weight range and we will try to get as close as we can for you.
A feeder pig we grew out

Pasture Raised Pork
The pigs on our farm are raised out on pasture and fed a vast and varied diet from our food reclamation. These lucky pigs are filled up on ration and copious amounts of fruits, vegetables and other goodies. They are on grass and offered hay when its too dry for grass to grow. All pigs are raised with plenty of scratches and attention.

Currently Available:

  • Custom Raised Pork – $600 deposit per pig. This gets your pig to a butcher weight between 200 and 250lbs (typically in the 6-8 month range). Higher weights can be discussed at an altered rate. Pigs are harvested on farm to eliminate transport stress and to ensure the animals are respected, and are available for pick up for you to take to the butcher of your choice. Drop off at a butcher (within reasonable distance) available for an additional fee. Cut and wrap is not included and must be pre-arranged with your butcher.

Pastured Eggs

Fresh Produce

While we are not on the scale of a market garden (yet), we do offer limited amounts of produce, grown holistically and without the use of pesticides. Our gardens are a constant work in progress and, if we are entirely honest, often diversified with weeds! In 2021, we are our second year into no till in our main garden, are breaking ground on our second and experimenting with container gardening. We have a small, but growing orchard with saskatoons, raspberries, asparagus, nanking cherries strawberries, chives and rhubarb.
In 2021, we are pushing to produce kale, swiss chard, spinach, beets, radishes and herbs for the purposes of sale by filling the flower beds (in which we have failed to grow flowers) with beautiful edible plants.

Currently Available:

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Self Care

Coming soon:
Over the coming months, we are hoping to add goat milk soap, bath bombs and other self-care products to our offerings.

This line of goods will be unscented or softly scented and naturally coloured with the most natural ingredients we can find. We look forward to topping our soaps with flowers from our garden, colouring it with plant materials, lightly scenting with carefully selected blends of essential oils and formulated with you in mind.

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