Sales Contract

By purchasing a goat from us, you agree to and understand the terms below. Ignorance of these terms does not mean this contract isn’t binding. This contract is subject to change, please check back before making a purchase.

Our last testing was March 2022; all goats were negative for CAE, CL and Johnne’s. Those results are available for viewing upon request. We do not guarantee future testing results once animals leave the farm as we cannot control exposure, health or living conditions once they leave our care. While we will not offer refunds, repayments or compensation to individuals who have purchased offspring from animals or animals who later receive a positive result. In the event we test positive in the future we, we will do our best to get in contact with recent buyers in order to inform them so they can make their own decisions. No refunds will be offered.

Visitors are asked NOT to wander the property and will not be permitted to go in pens. Available animals will be brought to buyers at the driveway for biosecurity reasons. My animals and pens are easilly viewable on social media and YouTUBE.

Bottle Babies
We make ZERO guarantees on bottle babies. Bottle kids are often chosen due to small size or for falling behind. Those that aren’t are selected to ease loads on large litters or due to death of a doe during kidding (rare). Nearly all are sold unregistered.

Once animals leave our property, they will not be brought back for biosecurity reasons.

We reserve the right to retain any kid for any reason.

To reserve a goat, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. A goat that is offered for sale is not considered sold until this deposit has been received.

Buyers are responsible for all transportation arrangements and cost (including kennel purchase, mileage etc.), and are required to have sufficient containment prior to reaching the farm. We reserve the right to cancel sales due to insufficient transportation or poor confinement; we will not allow our animals to leave our property if we feel the transport is unsafe or inhumane. Transportation is stressful on animals, especially the young. We try to have young animals bottle trained or taking a bottle intermittently so new owners can help ease transition. Please make sure you research signs of shipping stress and how to treat it!

Not all registerable animals will be sold registered. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Unregisterable animals may be sold with a CanID registration certificate for lineage purposes. Purchasers are responsible for CanID registration and transfer fees. Registered animal’s fees have been considered during pricing and is included unless otherwise stated.

By purchasing an animal from us, you agree to the above terms.

Our culling policies regarding the 3 major diseases of concern are as follows:

Caseous Lymphadinitis (CL)

***Updated February 1st, 2019*** We will no longer vaccinate for CL. Any animals with abscesses will be quarantined and sampled. A positive sample would keep the animal in quarantine until fully healed. Animals presenting abscesses more than once would be culled. At this time, we are not in the position to butcher or cull an entire herd over positive CL results and would work diligently to keep animals from being exposed to exudate and stop the cycle of reinfection. Our status would be disclosed to prospective buyers. We understand choosing to handle CL in this manner may result in loss of sales, however the money (what little funds my Mom had when she passed in 2017 were invested in my registered animals), time, love and attachment invested into our animals is, we believe, worth working it out of the herd by limiting exposure and culling animals who cannot mount a sufficient immune response, ultimately resulting in the recurrence of abscesses.

Johnne’s disease

A positive Johnne’s test would result in immediate quarantine of the farm. We would follow the advice of a vet in order to determine the fate of the animals who test negative and to cleanse the farm going forward. Selling of live goats to the public would cease until furthur notice.

Caprine Arthritic Encephalitis (CAE)

A positive result in an animal we find critical to our breeding program will result in quarantine of that animal and 1- 2 additional tests 6 weeks apart. If the first test is NEGATIVE, a second test will be taken. If either test comes back POSITIVE, the animal will be culled from our breeding program as will the remaining maternal line if its a doe (all daughters/sons); a second negative test will remove quarantine and the animal will be returned to our breeding program. Should the animal be pregnant, her birth will be attended and kids pulled and raised on prevention.

While we will not offer refunds, repayments or compensation to individuals who have purchased offspring from animals who later receive a positive result, we will do our best to get in contact with those buyers in order to inform them so they can make their own decisions.

It is important to remember, test results are only accurate for the day they are taken.

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