Stargazer NG Lost Girl

What’s in a name?
In May of 2018, we anxiously awaited Maddie’s kidding; she showed up goopy and wet and my gut told me she needed assistance. I went in to help, but it appeared her labour delays were due to an abnormally small pelvis and a large kid. I spent an hour working on her, trying to figure out a way to get the kid out and finally came to the determination that I needed to try and save the kid who was still alive. I made the call, put her down, c-sectioned the kid and did my very best to save her. She looked as though she would pull through, however she died a few hours later.

That evening, I stepped out to do chores and spend some time with the goats and I could hear a strange noise out in the pasture. So I followed the sound, and to my surprise, found a bawling, clean, dry doeling in a patch of thistles where I had seen Maddie wander to earlier in the morning. She had successfully delivered the smaller kid, but the other was too large. So, we named her “Stargazer AR Lost Girl.”

I debated on registering ‘Briar’, worried about the pelvis, hating bottle kids, and a friend without goats offered to take her and baby her. So I made the decision to go without seeing her for 5 or 6 months, until she was completely weaned and doing well — if she passed, I wasn’t attached, if I saw her and wasn’t a fan I could sell her easily, and if I liked how she looked, I could take her home without bio-security concerns. Needless to say, I liked what I saw (she got her sire’s garbage feet, however), and I have decided to bring her home and breed her. She was well fed and well cared for and is on the big end of the others born around the same time. I will breed her her first year to know her pelvis status and make the call on her future from there.

DOB: May 24th, 2019

Kidding History2020
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Sire: Sweet Solstice Nugget
Dam: Happy Hoof Acres Madeline
Maternal Grandsire: Country Magic Cassidy II
Maternal Granddam: Spotted Valley Willow