Welcoming 2019


The first big freeze of winter arrived in accordance with Fin’s birth plan, as it so often does.  Weather at the -30C mark and a wind chill even lower had checks at every half hour for more than 2 days, but I was able to pick up on the subtle hints I have learned to look for in my few years of raising goats.  Finn’s labor process was long, but flawless, and her petite form wasn’t a detriment to her average sized kids at all.  Born in the fading hours of day 145 (January 8th), two healthy boys arrived to the farm as the last heirs to Old Mountain Farm Firecracker.  Her birth process can be seen on our youtube channel embedded below.

Buckling #1: Broken Buckskin, Blue eyes (B/b), White Poll, 3lbs 15oz
Buckling #2: Broken Bezoar, Brown Eyes, White Poll, 3lbs 14oz.
The babies have since been disbudded.  To check our our first time disbudding, check out this video, also from our Youtube channel.

We hope this video helps someone and are always open to questions!  Wishing you the best in your 2019 adventures.

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